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Updated: Oct 30, 2020

Wallz is a platformer RPG coded in Python! You control a character and you have to avoid the wallz coming at you. I used Undertale as a base for the theme and the game gets progressively harder. Can you find the ending?

You can download the folder here

Once you extracted the zip download, double click the to start playing. If it doesn't run it could be because python is not installed, or pygame is not installed.

If you want to know more such as customising your character 0r making the game more difficult check out the read me file.

Gameplay screenshots:

Being my first game, it was quite the experience. It all started with the game design competition SEACSTA, which I disregarded at first because I never tried coding games before. Later on I wanted to give it a shot. I knew I wanted to code in Python and learnt that pygame was the way. So I looked for different tutorials on pygame and found this one that matched my needs.

He not only taught the coding but explained the key concepts behind it. This allowed me to follow his process while making my own game: wallz. From a banal character moving, moving black wallz, game sequencing, aesthetic design, to sound, it took a while. I coded for four consecutive days with several iterations. Below are some of the key things I took away that could help you:

  • Getting the right game dimensions is important but tricky

  • I left the aesthetics and sounds to the end, this worked for me because it is much easier to set this part up after the main game is done.

  • Planning the game sequence on paper was helpful in guiding the code.

  • Should use objects in the future

Overall it was very fun! I hope you enjoyed the game and my story of how I got here.

If you have any suggestions, feel free to send me an email (pald22) or leave a comment.

Patrick Ledoit

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