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Can you save your friend from the Evil Mc Donalds Worker?

Back in Y6, we were tasked with a mission. This one was to create a ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ story. Using Google Forms. I created a story where you have to save your work colleague from an  McDonalds worker who is secretly an evil mastermind. Crazy, I know. 

Once again, I wanted to take this one step further. However this would take some time. 2 years, to be exact. After another load of copy and pasting, the code was ready. Just a lot of printing and yes/no questions. However, the endless possibilities and the several times you’ll see the ‘Game Over’ screen will keep you riveted and will make the narrative an exciting experience.

Think you can conquer this challenge and rescue your friend? Download the code here and make sure to share your results in the comments below. 

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